Axel Chr. SchullzAxel Christian Schullz is a German composer and music teacher. In 2009 he started to set the articles of the UDHR to music. Many human rights he wasn’t aware of that they existed, e. g. the right to periodic holidays with pay (article 24) and furthermore this document applies to all human beings without distinction of any kind.

Since Schullz works as a freelance musician and has studied classical composition, he is used to develop new ideas and to meet unusual challenges. Therefore it is not surprising that he took these legal words and combined it with his own musical style to create a thrilling new piece of art.

His musical versions of human rights may be freely copied. Why is that so? It is because Schullz believes in human rights, because he is convinced that these values are important and that everyone should know them. Besides, musical versions of human rights are positive and lasting human rights education.

Furthermore Schullz is German and therefore very, very lucky: He lives a life in safety, freedom, he is healthy, has a family… He wants to share his luck.

Another reason for making available his human rights compositions for free is that many other people also share their knowledge for free, and Schullz benefits from that, for example free software and many other things. As a person profiting from the sharing done by others, he wants to share his work as well.