Contact us via email, describe your choir and yourself and how you would like to perform. Please describe what have been your latest performances including date and venue. Email:
You will perform the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, just like a performance of “Missa Solemnis”, “Brahms Requiem” or “Carmina Burana” - so the usual costs will be involved.
Once an article is composed and completely orchestrated, it will be uploaded to a protected area. In this area, the participating ensembles only will have access.
The composition will be completed by mid 2017.

Printed sheet music will be available after the composition is fully completed, probably in fall 2017.
In the calendar you will find all dates.
The calendar will be online as soon as the first concerts are scheduled.
In the navigation „Our Projects“ → „Our Choirs“ you will find a map of the world where all the places of concerts will be marked.
There you will find all further information.

The map will be online beginning 2017.
70 years - 70 choirs will encourage composers and songwriters worldwide to also add sound to human rights. We will puplish all compositions on