We want 75 choirs to perform the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for mixed choir and orchestra in 2023 because in 2018 the UDHR celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Your choir shall be one of the 75 choirs? If so please apply by sending an email to choirs@75years-75choirs.org, tell us about your choir as well as when and where you will perform the UDHR in 2023. It is up to you to set time and place of the concert(s). Instead of performing a Requiem by Brahms or Verdi you sing human rights, namely all 30 articles plus preamble in English.


To participate as a choir, your choir should

  • regularly perform works for choir and orchestra
  • schedule date and venue of the performance(s) of the UDHR between February 2023 and February 2024.
  • announce date, venue and starting time of your performance(s) until Nov. 30th 2022.
  • allow up to 10 singers from other participating choirs to sing with your choir at your performance(s). This shall foster international understanding. Needless to say, these singers have to know their part very well and they must (at least) take part in the final rehearsal.


Which are the benefits for your choir to participate in 75 years – 75 choirs sing human rights 2023?

  • You will be part of the 75 choirs exclusively premiering this work.
  • The topic “human rights” guarantees attention and promises a capacity audience for your performance(s).
  • You will receive the sheet music exclusively (piano score, conductor’s score, orchestral parts)
  • attention world wide
    • via our YouTube channel. If you send us a video about your choir, we will upload and promote it.
    • via Twitter and Facebook
    • Your choir will be named in the piano score as one of the 70 participating choirs.
  • The conductor may take part in the symposium “75 years – 75 choirs” in spring 2023 in Berlin, Germany (incl. flight, free meals and lodgings). At the end of this symposium the work will be premiered under the baton of the composer – and all conductors will be part of the choir.


Beside the usual costs for such a large performance, you will have to buy the piano score at about 10,- € each, the conductor’s score is free and the orchestral parts will be available as PDF.

There will be no licencing fees except the usual ones for GEMA (Germany), PRS for Music (GB), ACSAP (USA), JASRAC (Japan)…

Conditions of Participation

Soon you will find detailed conditions of participation right here.