Here you will find answers to questions concerning the music.

It's a cross over composition. The melodies are pop like catchy tunes, and the choir arrangement as well as the orchestral part are quite challenging due to polyphonic setting and being very rhythmical.

Furthermore there will be no rhythm section within the orchestra, the instrumentalists have to produce the groove by means of their traditional instruments.

Sound and sheet music examples links you will find in question #3.
This lyric of the work is the wording of the UN resolution 217 A (III) from Dec. 10, 1948, better known as the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights". This document comprises a preamble and 30 articles.

The english Version will be sung.
Follow that link and you will also find a short version of the UDHR.
Yes and no.
The mixed choir and orchestra setting will be composed especially for this project. But Axel Chr. Schullz has already set some articles to music for pop mixed choir. These versions are the foundation of the new work. And these versions you can listen to and download.

Article 11: mp3 - PDF
Article 12: mp3 - PDF
Article 13: mp3 - PDF
Article 16: mp3 - PDF
Article 21: mp3 - PDF
Article 24: mp3 - PDF

The piano scores are not piano reductions, a genuine orchestral setting will be composed.

How does Axel Chr. Schullz orchestrate?
Here you can see two excerpts of his mass „Praise the Lord!“
Excerpt from "Glory" from "Praise the Lord!"
Excerpt from "Credo - I believe" from "Praise the Lord!"
It will be approx. 70 - 90 minutes long.
All 30 articles plus preamble will be set to music.

The harmony is rather simple, the rhythm is rather advanced - in a pop funky kind of way.

Regardless of pop harmony the choir setting will frequently be polyphonic.


Solo mezzo soprano
Solo baritone



2 Flutes (1 doubling piccolo)
2 Oboes (1 doubling cor Anglais)
2 Clarinets (1 doubling bassclarinette)
2 Bassoons (1 doubling contrabassoon)

4 Horns
3 Trumpets
2 Trombones
1 Tuba

2 Percussion
Guitar (acoustic and electric) amplified

Strings (Doublebass ad lib. doubled by Electric bass)
As soon as the funding for such a rearrangement is cut and dried, Axel Chr. Schullz will write a chamber orchestra version of the work. This arrangement will be available for free online as well.
When applying with you choir, please let us know your financial requirements. We will incorporate this into our calculation.

We cannot guarantee financial aid during application phase but we will strive to optain funding.